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Transylvanian Software is an initiative powered by QuickWeb Info, founded in 2001 as a custom software development company. In the last 20+ years, we established ourselves as a reliable and competent long-term partner with our collaborators by delivering outstanding quality software, clear guidance and continued support.

We successfully delivered hundreds of custom-built projects throughout Europe and North America.

Our main goal is to make use of the expertise and skills we have accumulated throughout the years, in order to contribute to inspiring, creative initiatives that have a positive impact on the world. 

Our Values


We believe respect is the foundation of any successful partnership and this is why we value it in our interactions with both our customers, our employees and the world at large.

As our customer, we will focus on your needs and requirements, as well as your existing business processes and specific traits to build the most useful custom-built solution for you, while respecting our deadlines and providing you with continued support.

Our employees and contractors appreciate the respect we have for their individual needs and personal goals, our commitment to encouraging a healthy work-life balance and our diverse and inclusive environment.

We prioritize engaging with partners that share our respect for the values of sustainable development, human rights, social justice and all causes that contribute to creating a better world.


We pride ourselves with our focus on enabling excellent communication both within our teams and with our customers.


We make a point of carefully listening and understanding your requirements, clearly communicating our approach and keeping you in the loop throughout the entire process.


Our availability doesn't stop at the delivery of your solution. We are there for you offering you documentation, training and continued assistance as you go on to enjoy your custom-built software.  


Delivering excellent services, great communication and respect for our customers allowed us to build partnerships that span across decades and stand proof of our reliability, proficiency and commitment to the success of our customers. 

We believe the long-term support we offer our partners builds the trust that allows them to keep coming back to us year after year, knowing we will deliver the same consistent, timely and outstanding quality software. 


We commit ourselves to continuous learning and improving our skillset and services, as we take on newer, larger, more complex challenges from our customers. With our curiosity mindset, no problem is too difficult, no technology too bleeding-edge and no challenge too complex.

We look forward to helping you craft solutions for your challenges and building a successful long-time partnership together! 

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